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DevOps and UX Design
UX Design Summit, Hyderabad - 24th June 4:30pm to 5:30pm
A relatively young movement, DevOps, began to script a fabulous story of collaboration between development and operations teams. Should the design community look into this aspect? If so, what would be the barriers it has to cross?
Vasu is the Chief Designer of
Divami Design Labs
He has over 16 years of experience designing and developing software products for a very diversified set of domains ranging from Finance, Telecom, Analytics, to Biotech, Network Management and E-learning. His specialities are UX Strategy, User Analysis, Usability, Interaction Design, Information Design and Product Analysis. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Electronics and Telecommunications from IETE, Hyderabad.
Divami's first productathon

We at Divami Design Labs organized an internal productathon between 15th April 4 PM to 16th April 4 PM - a 24 hour window to arrive at an implementable product idea.

The main intention was to foster a culture of entrepreneurship within Divami, where every employee has an understanding of how to realise an idea in the shortest possible time, when there is a focused approach.

We also wanted to create a platform where employees can explore their entrepreneurial passion and, on a regular basis, explore new ideas by quickly prototyping them for a fail fast and improvise process.

Overall, there was a lot of learning as an organization and also for each participating employee.

We plan to leverage this established platform on a regular basis so that we as a Design Lab can constantly find new methods to reinvent ourselves and offer better and high quality services to our customers.

Design thinking session at SLP, Hyderabad

Vasu and Vijay conducted a design thinking and validation session at Startup Leadership Program, Hyderabad Chapter on 27th February 2016.The session presented a methodology, which enables an entrepreneur in validating a product idea and building a UX strategy.

The session at the Startup Leadership program, Hyderabad was followed by a workshop, conducted by Vijay, on validating a mobile application idea using the methodology presented.

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