Hemalatha Gullipalli
Lead - Functional Reviewer
By Education I am a B.Tech graduate in computer science and a MBA post graduate in e-Business. Started career as an SEO and then turned as a Performance tester - Certified as a Test Engineer then turned as a Business analyst and then Turned as a Lead Functional Reviewer. Prior to Divami, I have been associated with TCS, Pycker and Dell in senior roles. Because of my passion towards Digital Marketing, spend most of my non work ours on my own website search results/online traffic improvements.
I Love to spend good enough time with my two lil girl kids and family. Listening to FM & Melodies and Watching Movies are my all time favourites.
  • Increase Organic Traffic through UX Analysis and SEO

    At the time I started my career as a Software Professional, SEO was simple. We used to stuff keywords here and there in the page content and meta tags and we ranked number one. Now, Google changed the algorithms and takes hundreds of factors into account when determining which pages rank high in search engine
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    Jul 26 2018