Vidya Rajagopalan
HR Manager
Hey everyone, The one stop for anything and everything related to the employees is - Me! Yes, I am the HR Manager of this vibrant workforce. Extremely passionate about HR,a blind optimist whose interests include listening to melodious music, singing, writing articles, hanging out with friends,having fun with my kid (which is a recent addition to the list!!)and the list would just keep going so I better stop at this.If I have to describe myself in a sentence, it would be this “Person with a zest for life and an intense desire to make it worthwhile every single day”!!
  • HR : Assumptions, Reality and More

    Scene 1 Location : Any regular office The moment employees hear about the HR,the first thought that comes to their mind “Ah! What a cushy job to be in” “they hardly have any work” Scene 2 Location: Anywhere practically Discussions will be like A: Hey, what do you work as? B: HR of a company
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    Sep 4 2017