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The Future of SaaS: Innovative Technologies and Trends
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The Future of SaaS: Innovative Technologies and Trends

The purpose of any business is to be successful. Everyone wants to be the leader and a hero. But can everyone be? How does one stay successful in this uncertain world? Have you ever thought about what would happen if a business faces uncertainty? We never plan for uncertainty, it happens anytime, anywhere, and to anyone.

What do the Business Hunters (i.e top-level management, the marketing guys, or even the sales guys) do during hard times? Based on my learnings and experience I believe the below six hacks will help any business/individual to have a fruitful future.

So let’s jump right into it.


Have a busy pipeline! 

Do you have a busy pipeline? Are your deals moving from one stage to another? It is important to keep adding new deals to the pipeline so that it does not shrink and put pressure on you and your business. Marketing also plays a key role in having more inquiries for your pipeline. You should always keep an eye out for the deal conversion rates, i.e the number of deals that you actually closed/won after various discussions and follow-ups (Can be looked into Quarterly basis). From the sales perspective, it is important to have a good reach out number in order to hit the right target number based on the conversion rates. Make sure to keep tracking the deals in each stage that are moving and have rigorous follow-ups for the deals.


Market your ass off until you’re satisfied! 

We are in a digital world and marketing is easier than ever before as we have so many social platforms where we can promote our products and services. It generally all depends on your dedication to your marketing. Although, giving 100% is impossible. After all, we can never be satisfied in this hungry world. Every business wants to be successful and marketing is the key to success. Find and work on the changes that can be done to create a better marketing campaign. As well as work on the SEO for your business.


Make the clients your friends! 

Yes, you read it right! Clients can become your friends. You can talk to your clients for hours and hours but they still somehow feel like less. The more you speak with clients, the more you are likely to unlock the mining part of the business that can be really helpful at uncertain times. First of all, does your client trust you completely? If not, it is really necessary to trigger the required trust factor in the client, build upon it and you will see you can always count on your client in case of a new project or a referral.

Luckily, in my profession, I speak with a lot of top stakeholders in various business sectors. I personally love interacting with clients and understanding their perspectives. Once you start noticing different perspectives, you will start loving the process of your mind syncing with multiple thoughts and you will see that it is slowly making you stronger in your sales as well.


Keep an eye out for inquiries! 

Be Alert! Research suggests approximately 70% of deals go to whoever responds first. So it is extremely important to be really alert and responsive. It will help you not to lose out on them but also capture the client’s attention. Just imagine yourself in the shoes of your client, you will always talk to the first few who respond and react within the time frame you were looking for. This response time generally is very short and matches the patience level of the client. The interest is lost if the response is delayed.


Be United! Be Strong! Be Motivated! 

Be together always! Try to build up trust in your employees. You can do so through many methods. It is important for a team to trust each other and work towards a common goal in order to make most of the team’s effort rather than a single person’s effort. Where there is Trust, There lies the Trust.


Have a social profile! 

It is really great to have a social presence on various social platforms. Most of you would already have one somewhere, but I would say it is compulsory for any business hunter to have one professional profile. It helps to build trust and confidence for the opposite party.


These insights have personally helped me through times of uncertainty and I hope they do the same for you. Things can happen at any time and an individual or an organization has little control over it. This feeling of uncertainty can be overwhelming. But, I feel it all starts with crafting a new strategy during these uncertain times. To start digging the mountain towards the direction of change and build a new highway through it.

These new strategies and changes can later be merged as required with previous plans, once things return to normal or they could even become the new normal. It is important for all of us to see these challenges and changes as opportunities and strive for success through it all.