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Accepting gesture interactions with both hands in 2020
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Accepting gesture interactions with both hands in 2020

Buttons are becoming scarce and are replaced with swipes, taps, and drags as they are the new form of digital communication that will enhance the user experience. Apple and Google have already started this trend where new gestures replace the buttons for digital communication. 

With gesture-based navigation, designers will emulate common gestures and will make them a part of digital communication for a smoother experience. The advancement in AR and VR technology will support the designers in improving user experience. 

When asked to signal volume up, some people twisted the invisible knob and some made a pinching gesture. By this David Rose concludes that gestures are generation-specific. Not only generation-specific, gestures and habits are also culture and Geo-location specific. Thus in 2020, designers will try to provide a personalized experience keeping in mind the gestures that millennials use. 

Gamers will encounter a different VR experience that will change the way people will interact including social interactions and AI-powered gesture recognition.