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How to create a Chatbot and connect to Salesforce
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How to create a Chatbot and connect to Salesforce

Statistics show that by 2024 consumers will spend up to $142 billion via chatbots. This means that more retail customers will be interacting with chatbots in the future. That is why businesses are developing ecommerce chatbots that help guide customers and understand what they want. 

Businesses planning to build chatbots first need to know “what is a chatbot?” before they can start developing one. 

A chatbot is software that simulates human conversations. A person can interact with a chatbot as if they were interacting with another human being. 

More businesses started using chatbots in 2016 after Facebook opened Messenger to chatbots. Today, businesses are creating and using bots like the Shopify chatbot that enable ecommerce companies to improve sales. The chatbots use data and deliver real-time and personalized solutions to customers. 

Here’s how you can create a chatbot and connect to Salesforce.

How to Create a Chatbot

A Shopify chatbot, also known as an agent, works with Salesforce to perform tasks and execute workflows.  Chatbots greet customers in a retail store and offer them help. Customers can find what they are looking for using such AI chatbots faster.  

Salesforce has technology that enables accurate communication between ecommerce chatbots and customers. Here are the steps you should follow to create your chatbot.

– Choose a platform for generating an AI chatbot.

– Create your bot according to the instructions of the platform you have chosen. Configure the AI chatbot, set user expressions the chatbot will respond to, and identify objects.

– Train the chatbot. This involves using expressions to check if the objects are working. Remember to allow space for errors.

How to Implement Chatbot on Salesforce

After creating a chatbot, you need to know how to connect it to Salesforce. Two ways to connect chatbot to Salesforce are using external platforms and internal platforms with Einstein Bot.

1. Connecting Through External Platform

If you create a chatbot on a different platform other than Salesforce, you must connect it to Salesforce Lightning. This means you set up your chatbot app in the app manager found in Salesforce lightning and add it to the utility bar. Next, select the chatbot component.

2. Create Chatbot on Salesforce

It is possible and easier to build your chatbot application on Salesforce. The Einstein bot in Salesforce makes creating AI chatbots simpler. 

Build the chatbot intent model and add response pauses to make it more human-like. Activate and train the chatbot using historical training data. 

The chatbot application can access Salesforce objects. This means it can access data like customer profiles. It can also store data and trigger workflow. 

Salesforce provides you with a dashboard after connecting your bot to Salesforce. This makes it possible for you to monitor the performance of your ecommerce chatbot after you have deployed it. 

Developers who design and code highly complex chatbot apps can use Einstein bots for more complicated coding.

What Will a Well Designed Ecommerce Chatbot Do?

After creating your ecommerce chatbot and connecting it to Salesforce, you need to ensure it functions properly. For example, you want to know what well-built Shopify bots can do. 

– A well-built and well-designed Shopify chatbot will use existing data to understand the questions customers might ask, aside from the frequently asked ones. 

– The bots analyze these questions and analyze correct answers during the training period. This is possible because chatbots use technologies like machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) to answer questions. 

The chatbot technology you choose can vary depending on the goals you want to achieve.  Today most consumers use these three types of technology in chatbots.

1. AI Chatbots

During the initial training in the development phase, AI chatbots learn automatically. A well-developed AI chatbot increases the response rate and saves time. It improves with every customer’s experience.

2. Rule-Based Chatbots

Rule-based bots follow rules that are predetermined. They are built through GUI (Graphical User interface). The developers use decision trees to build these chatbots.

3. Live Chat

Salespeople and customer support teams use live chats to help customers. This technology still uses AI, but also uses NLP to help live chat bots learn over time. This enables them to provide immediate responses to customers.

Benefits of Using Chatbots in Salesforce

Businesses want to make more sales and grow. The sales and marketing team is expected to constantly provide the best customer experience, leading to more sales. 

Customers also expect immediate responses that are accurate each time they engage with your business.

Humans can meet these expectations to a certain point, but technology has to take over. For example, during holidays and off-work hours, chatbots can still be helpful to customers and offer the best experience. 

That’s why forward-thinking businesses build and use ecommerce chatbots on platforms like salesforce to achieve the following.

1. Reduce Churn Rate

Businesses build ecommerce chatbots like Shopify chatbot on Salesforce to help reduce churn rates and increase conversion rates. This is because bots answer high-volume support queries faster and reduce waiting time. This provides the best customer experience, and satisfied customers are likely to return.

2. Generate Qualified Leads

Businesses need to do the lead qualification, but doing it at scale can be challenging. Talking to every customer and qualifying them is a time-consuming and cumbersome process. 

That is why businesses prefer to build and use chatbots on salesforce. Ecommerce chatbots use advanced logic to qualify leads. 

Leads that are a good fit can be scheduled for a meeting with a human sales representative. This way, chatbots help businesses in lead qualification and increasing sales.

Key Takeaway

Chatbots reduce operating costs for enterprises and increase their revenue. That is the reason why most businesses adopt the use of AI chatbots. 

Businesses build chatbots and connect them to Salesforce. Their goal is to simplify work through tasks automation. 

Bots respond to commands that users provide and execute actions. Such chatbots can be built externally and connected to Salesforce, or you can build them within Einstein Bot in Salesforce. 

Well-built and trained chatbots provide inclusive and accurate communication. Chatbots provide the best customer service and improve business operations.


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