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IoT Experience in 2023
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IoT Experience in 2023

Everything is smarter today! From smart cars to smart homes we treat IoT as a helping hand. We live in a world where the sensors and devices collect data and perform actions for us resulting in valuable insight, and companies have recognized this information as a valuable asset for improving the customer experience.


Consequently, there will be no inadequacy in funding and capital for IoT and its application in the future. It is also predicted that IoT spending will reach $6 trillion in 2021. But simply creating hype for IoT products will not do. We as service providers must provide the users with features that will hang them. This will teach them the possibilities of this technology and will directly provide them with value. As these devices form an ecosystem of their own, designing for these devices will be a more complex task as it involves a wide array of devices. 


Designing the experience of IoT is challenging as there are a wide variety of devices that are connected to each other. And it becomes more challenging if devices are without a screen. In the end it is not just the smart devices connected to each other it is all about the end-user experience which is derived by using these devices collectively.