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Google Featured Snippets : Different Results
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Google Featured Snippets : Different Results

It looks like there is competition in Google Featured Snippets too.  I am aware that Google is changing its Featured Snippets but didn’t expect this competition too .. 🙂


If any website is listed on Featured Snippets for some keyword that website gains maximum traffic. But now things are changing, now Google brought in Wikipedia or a competitor for the website who is in Featured Snippets.


Ex: If you search for “Vizag information” ” Google is showing a Featured Snippets box where you can see Wikipedia in SERP with an Image, but if you click on the image in the same Featured Snippets it takes you to


Is this a bug by Google showing 2 different URLs in Featured Snippets or else Google is testing a new way to show Featured Snippets results?


Another Example: Type “remove blackheads” in google it is showing the following