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Life amidst the lockdown: Four key takeaways
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Life amidst the lockdown: Four key takeaways

The idea of working from home seemed fascinating. No need to get ready for work, no hassling with the traffic in the morning and evening rush hours, working in the comfy home clothes and sleeping and waking up late, listening to loud music while working, and what not! The pandemic has changed the dynamics of how businesses work. Working from home is the new normal; digital and remote are the buzz words now.

The realization that working from home is not just for us but for everybody (including the maids) quickly set in. Now, washing the dishes, cooking the food, and cleaning the floors is the also new normal 🙁 No meeting the friends, no going out for meals, not being able to go home to family in Delhi, not even a stroll in the society. How I feel bad for the animals at the zoo now; our situation isn’t any different.

But what is different is, working late at night, early in the morning; before and after the working hours, because of the unprecedented events, businesses are making radical decisions, some even taking it as an opportunity to upgrade their products. For some customers, time is of the essence and they need the proposals by “yesterday”! But at the same time, the picture is not as rosy.  Deals are not closing, the ones in progress are either falling through due to budgeting or focus shifting to more critical components of the business and are being delayed for.. no idea till when. There are four important takeaways from these events:

  • Introspection: This lockdown has given us the time to introspect both personally and professionally. The time which usually we don’t get that often in our busy day to day lives.
  • Ideas: It has forced us out of our comfort zone, activated our survival instincts and made us more determined. From unconventional business decisions to various contingency plans, and out of the box ideas, we can witness it all.
  • Appreciation: This has also made us appreciate nature, the clean and clear skies, the silent roads, and the occasional sightings of long presumed extinct species of animals. Something we have always missed but never really thought about.
  • Realization: It has made us realize the importance of freedom we always took for granted.

All in all, the situation is dire, people are falling sick and dying. Social distancing and self-isolation is the need of the hour. but, we must stay strong and believe that this too shall pass. This is the time to prepare for the beautiful future that lies ahead, and use the time to upskill and learn new things, spend time with the loved ones at home, contribute through cash and kind, and also by staying home. This is the time that you can let fly by worrying or you can look at it as an opportunity to become a better version of yourself, because…why not?