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My Favorite Mobile Apps During Lockdown
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My Favorite Mobile Apps During Lockdown

Mobile apps have been reigning over our lives and have been proving propitious to us in several aspects. From digital well-being to our lifestyle, these applications are undeniably a huge source of continuation in our lives, especially during COVID. 

I am no stranger to spending hours on my smartphone, switching between apps. But, during the lockdown, I went to the next level in the game of mobile surfing. And, here is a list of 5 mobile apps that I most used during the lockdown


Zoom is said to be one of the applications that have grown exponentially amidst Coronavirus.  While the whole world was locked in their houses, Zoom acted as a virtual classroom for students and as a virtual workplace for office goers. The mobile app is useful if you just want to participate in a call. If you want to do a presentation or share your screen you still have to use the web interface. 

The video conferencing platform, as per the predictions, is believed to also have a brighter future post-crisis due to its massive customer influx. This app is consecutively appearing in the top downloaded and installed list since the onset of the pandemic. 

Reasons I like the app:

I use the mobile app almost daily to communicate with my colleagues and seniors at work. The clear and common pattern used in the designs provides easy access to all the features. The Zoom app actually sticks to the 3-click navigation rule, still a dream for many established brands. However, the application requires some redesigning. There can be an improvement in the user interface to allow users ease of continuing their tasks while taking calls parallelly.

Aarogya Setu:

The National Informatics Centre (NIC) in India, under the guidance of the Ministry of Electronics and Information technology (MeitY), has come up with a mobile app called Aarogya Setu. The application is an Indian open-source digital service, developed specifically to track the contact, map the surroundings, and perform self-assessment for symptoms of coronavirus. 

This mobile app is one of the most revolutionizing applications helping save many lives and help people acquire knowledge regarding virus outbreak hotspots. Aarogya Setu app crossed 100 million downloads after 40 days of launch, making it one of the fastest-growing apps globally.

Reasons I like the app:

The reason I installed the app and continue using it is that it provides useful information required to create necessary awareness. However, there are some glaring design and accessibility issues with the app.  The navigation bar is sometimes not reachable on the top of the mobile screen and there is no particular color scheme throughout. However, it does its job well.


“Are we not all people who are forever ready for Netflix and Chill?”

With luring features like screen mirroring, multi-language support, payment gateways, customized profile management, content suggestion, easy user registration, and elaborate search feature, Netflix has been the point source of entertainment during the COVID. Netflix recorded its biggest quarterly revenue increase this year. The streaming service provider attracted major viewers as the cinema halls and multiplexes closed down throughout the world. 

Reasons I like the app:

The application has always been applauded for its user-friendly application designing and the personalized experience. The user interface is very user-friendly and flawless that promotes transitional and themed visual elements that redefine the experience. The recent attraction was the search button that redirects the user to another new page with a virtual keyboard. With detailed surveillance on smart downloads, checked network, and registered devices, the application provides a well-structured experience.


Another app to undergo major revolution during this period. Slack is a business communication platform looking to gamify the IM field with its stylish features. The application has a daily 12 million active users and increasing. It is a great platform for both formal and informal communication with colleagues. Truth be told, this is not something that we use at the workplace much but I do have used it in past in a pre-corona world. 

Reasons I like the app:

The mobile app has an authentic and minimalist design that works brilliantly along with the channel organization and direct messages. After integrating a lot of explorable features, some of which are not always visible, it increases the time to explore the tools and features. However, Slack is efficient and intuitive and gets the job of gamifying communication well done. 


With 500k+ download in the month of August’20 alone, this online supermarket app became a house-hold favorite, especially in metro cities. Big Basket even reported breakdown and crashing after an unusual surge in its customer base. This was due to the non-availability of the essentials from retail stores and other e-commerce platforms. 

Reasons I love the app:

Well, it made my life a lot easier. I like how the application elements are consistent in their position. The search button is always on the top, the hamburger menu on the top-left, and profile details on the top right, which ensure smooth navigation. There are several other facts like viewing the search history and minimizing load time. I guess the minimalistic design approach really delivers on the Happy Shopping promise. 

The road ahead for mobile apps:

We all know, mobile apps are here to stay. They are going to be a part of our life for years to come. Being part of a design and development firm, I know for sure that mobile app development is not just about the company’s finances. The end goal is always to reach the right users. And, to keep them engaged and motivated by reaching out to them through smartphones. I feel dealing with COVID-19 and coping up with the vicissitudes of the seasons would have been a lot difficult without these revolutionizing mobile apps that transform and shape our lives in more than one way.