AP Govt. CORE Dashboard

An e-governance dashboard for the chief executive and the citizens of AP.

UI/UX Design, Development, Responsive Web

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AP Govt. CORE Dashboard Design
About AP Govt. CORE Dashboard
CORE (CM Office Real-time Executive) Dashboard, an e-governance initiative of Government of Andhra Pradesh is a visual display of the individual department’s KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), consolidated and arranged in a single frame so that the information can be monitored effectively by Honorable Chief Minister at a glance. The Dashboard, into which 33 State Government Departments are integrated is also available to the public, thus providing transparency in Governance. The Vision for completion of the Dashboard includes a Predictive Analytics interface for various personas to understand and analyze the KPIs.
Divami has completely revamped the User Experience for the next generation Dashboard and also helped build the UI completing the project in record time to be launched by Hon’ble President of India.
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Our Approach

Our approach comprised of three pillars -- firstly, we focused on personalized designs for each Persona & Role - one size does not fit all. For us, user needs were paramount but balanced with governance vision & priorities. Second, usability and visual aesthetics without compromising on either. Finally, we followed a strategy of progressive Disclosure: Present enough info without overwhelming the user - Show what they need, but only when they need it. We made the information actionable and context-sensitive.

We made sure the app showed actionable insights for various department heads, ministers and the Chief Minister. We considered the following key points from the user’s perspective while designing - showing the raw metrics and rating which indicates the performance of the entity, how users compare across metrics and against the target, and how the data demonstrates the big picture. The predictive analytics module focused on insights and actions that describe how we ensure or change a particular outcome.

AP Govt. CORE Dashboard UI UX Design Approch
The Details
Many of our designers and developers worked on this project to deliver a Dashboard that is citizen-centric, that connects emotionally, and that is contemporary. Our user researchers had the challenge of understanding the expectations from a platform meant for one primary user (the state’s Chief Executive), but one that would be accessible and hence used by the entire citizenry. The development frameworks used on the UI were Angular and Fusion Charts for charting.
AP Govt. CORE Dashboard}} UI details
AP Govt. CORE Dashboard}} UI details
100% completed

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