Eddy by Fluid Delta

A project and workflow app for a service management company focused on public utilities.

UI/UX Design, Web App

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Eddy by Fluid Delta Design
About Eddy - Fluid Delta
Fluid Delta's mission is to build and deliver innovative and practical products for data management and analysis for better management and operation of Physical Assets. Eddy is a platform for managing physical asset inspections and projects (e.g. water, sewer, stormwater, gas pipeline, manhole, valve inspections). For any entity - utility, city, agency, consultant or contractor - that performs inspections, Eddy provides project management; inspection data and media storage, submission, dissemination and validation, custom inspection specification support; team management and collaboration. Eddy can be used as a comprehensive inspection management system or used to augment existing systems. Fluid Delta team picked Divami to define the User Experience and Design of their flagship product.
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Our Approach

We wanted the UI to display relevant information and analysis results in a simple and intuitive application flow. The primary challenge was to design an interface for utility workers who are not necessarily very tech-savvy. Ideally, we interview both Stakeholders and actual end users as part of User Research. However, recognizing that we did not have access to actual end users of the application, we relied heavily on the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to fill in the gap for us. We participated in the initial kickoff and the knowledge transfer phase by organizing four day-long workshops. Another challenge was to differentiate the UX from that of a generic project management tool and build it for the domain that it is intended for. This was also a great opportunity as we had a massive scope for innovation, given that it was a first of its kind platform that focused on the target domain. We kept asking ourselves, "How might we?" and "What if?" kind of questions throughout the design execution and delivery. It helped us move beyond the obvious and build something that was truly marvellous in terms of user experience.

Eddy by Fluid Delta UI UX Design Approch
The Details
We helped Fluid delta with Interaction design, UI design, and knowledge transfer sessions. The team comprised of a Design strategist and 2 designers - one UX and one UI. We were involved throughout the development lifecycle, working closely with Fluid delta product development team to help bring the platform to life over a period of 9 months.
Eddy by Fluid Delta}} UI details
Eddy by Fluid Delta}} UI details
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