An account aggregation platform for consumer finance and banking.

UI/UX Design, Development, Mobile App

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Mobile app screen
Onemoney Design | UI/UX Design, Mobile App
Mobile app screen
Onemoney Design | UI/UX Design, Mobile App
About Onemoney
Onemoney is an RBI licensed Account Aggregator that consolidates all of the financial information/accounts of a consumer to enable him/her to manage the policies and permissions of sharing this information (also called consent) with other financial institutions that need it. The use cases for use of this consolidated information range from personal finance management to loan processing to credit ratings. Divami designed the User Experience and developed the platform from a concept to demo-ready stage.
Onemoney UI Design screen
Responsive mobile screen
Onemoney UI Design screen
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Onemoney UI UX Design Approch
Our Approach

Financial Services, especially account aggregation, is a highly regulated field with the regulating body defining the flows of most user journeys. The challenge was to blend the experience and design of the parts of the flow that are regulated and those that are left to the discretion of the product owners. Our primary challenge was that the concept of Account Aggregation is new to the Indian market and user research would not yield much insight into user expectations and goals. We focused our user research on the use cases of the Account Aggregation to understand the potential usage patterns and defined the user experience based on the research.

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