Quinn Ride

A smart helmet for a safe ride.

UI/UX Design, Development, Mobile App

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Mobile app screen
Quinn Ride Design | UI/UX Design, Mobile App
Mobile app screen
Quinn Ride Design | UI/UX Design, Mobile App
About Quinn Ride
Quin helmets are an innovative range of smart helmets geared to take safety to the next level. Quin Helmets give users modern and reliable safety. It delivers unparalleled performance for the modern rider, providing essential and practical technology with flawless integration. The Intelli Quin Smart System makes Quin the first motorcycle helmet to offer integrated Crash Detection and SOS Beacon. When a crash occurs, or SOS event is initialized, the BT paired mobile app sends notifications to emergency contacts along with location information.
We defined the User Experience and designed the UI for the mobile app from a concept stage and built the complete platform, including the mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms. The app is currently live on the App Store and Google Play store.
Quinn Ride UI Design screen
Responsive mobile screen
Quinn Ride UI Design screen
50% completed
Quinn Ride UI UX Design Approch
Our Approach

Although the functionality of the app is fairly simple and straightforward, we had to be extra cautious in our approach to the design of this platform. The knowledge that what we do would have a considerable impact on somebody's life in an emergency made it all the more nerve-racking since the app had to cover the functionality and workflows of both the Rider and the Responder we had to think through all the real-life use cases including all possible edge cases with utmost care. We achieved that by talking to different riders and responders and understood their usage scenarios. Every design choice that we made had to go through the litmus test of "how-will-this-work-in-an-emergency?" Be it the placement of the SOS button or the color choices for the app; all choices had to make sure that seeking help is easy when it is most needed!

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