Shiv Nadar Foundation Shiksha

An initiative to eradicate illiteracy in India

UI/UX Design, Development, Web App

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Shiv Nadar Foundation Shiksha Design
About Shiksha
Shiksha is an initiative by Shiv Nadar Foundation to help eradicate illiteracy from India leveraging technology and enhanced training programs. This initiative has grown an investment of $ 1 MN with 340 schools striving to eradicate illiteracy from India. These initiatives also extend to various institutes that help people in rural areas to get educated. These institutes are SSN institutions, VidyaGyan, Kiran Nadar Museum of art and a lot more. Our UI UX Design and Development work helped build a platform that empowers primary school teachers enhance the learning process with a high-engagement teaching mechanism.
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Our Approach

We embraced the approach of Shiksha to help people with the eradication of illiteracy. We created an application that makes a big difference in the lives of children. It encourages teachers and children to learn and grow while making study time a little more fun. Our designs are especially aimed at making the application usage effortless even when used by primary teachers with low educational qualifications. Besides being simple, our designs ensured a high-engagement teaching mechanism that is both instructional and attractive to children. The goal is to enhance learning and retention among the children.

Shiv Nadar Foundation Shiksha UI UX Design Approch
The Details
We delivered on Shiksha's vision - the application went live in 1 year from the time we started our user research. Divami was responsible for 100% of the UX and UI designs of the platform - including the tablet app meant for assessments and classroom instruction. The design team included three designers in total, 1 UX designers, 1 UI designers, led by a Design Strategist. We also helped develop the application by providing front-end development with 3 team members, including a QA engineer.
Shiv Nadar Foundation Shiksha}} UI details
Shiv Nadar Foundation Shiksha}} UI details
100% completed

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