Talent Sprint

A mobile platform for test preparation and learning.

UI/UX Design, Development, Mobile App

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Mobile app screen
Talent Sprint Design | UI/UX Design, Mobile App
Mobile app screen
Talent Sprint Design | UI/UX Design, Mobile App
About Talent Sprint
TalentSprint is India's leading Career Accelerator for Youth. It's a technology-driven platform that attracts youth with high aspirations and equips them for exciting careers in the knowledge sector. TalentSprint aims to empower ONE MILLION young job seekers to pursue careers in IT, Banking and Financial Services, and Education. The skill acceleration platform delivers technology-enabled experiential learning through a mix of cloud, contact, and colleges. We designed TalentSprint's flagship test preparation mobile app and also developed it on the Android platform as a native app.
Talent Sprint UI Design screen
Responsive mobile screen
Talent Sprint UI Design screen
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Talent Sprint UI UX Design Approch
Our Approach

We helped TalentSprint with Design and Mobile App Development. The team comprised of a Design strategist and one UX/UI designer. The mobile app development team consist of 4 members, including a dev lead and QA. We were involved throughout the development lifecycle, working closely with Talent sprint product development team and project manager to integrate the mobile app with their web services to help bring the app to life over a period of 6 months.

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